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You have not set a user name.

All browsers support a feature called cookies. They are small bits of storage on your device or machine which web sites can store and request some information.

In order to use this site to look at the images in the library you do not need to have cookies enabled and no cookie information is stored.

To be able to upload images or request new tags then you need a user name registered and this user name is stored on your machine in a cookie.

When you come back to the site then it looks for this cookie and uses the user name stored in it. So its helpful to have cookies enabled if you want to upload more than one image so that you dont need to keep typing in the same information over and over again. This web site only uses cookies to store your registered user name or the one you have set it to use.

If you want to enable or disable cookies in your browser then please refer to its manual. In general though, you can normally find the required switch in the options or preferences and often under the heading privacy.

This web site does not store any other information about you unless you upload an image or request a new Tag. In those cases it stores the user name used and the IP address used to make the upload or request. The web site host may also collect browser information in the web server logs just like every other web site you visit.

Naturally, this website will also stores the information in any image you care to upload.

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