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Anyone can moderate an image on the site.

If you think that there is an image on show which should not be for any reason then you can use the "Moderate this image" button which is at the bottom of the page when viewing a single image. Before you hit it, you should choose the closest reason from the drop down list and may add a couple of words in the box if the reason listed doesn't describe it too well.

The image will then be taken out of view immediately and an admin can review the reason, text and make an opinion about whether to reinstate it or remove it permanently.

The IP address of the device or machine used to moderate will be logged. If anyone moderates large numbers of images then the site may block that IP from making any more moderation requests. It is a simple matter for an admin to reinstate an image back to the shown state again in the case of error so do not be hesitant about using this feature.

We would especially like people to moderate images in the following cases:
  • The image is not relevant to the trust. (SPAM)
  • The image is of particularly poor quality or is a duplicate of another.
  • The image has been uploaded on your user name but is not your image.
  • You are sure that the image was not taken by the user named for it.
  • The image contains your recognizable face and you dont want to be shown.
  • The image contains nest site locations, car number plates or some other security issue.
  • The image contains something offensive (other than offensive raptor persecution).

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