Use the buttons below to navigate.
You have not set a user name.

In order to register a new user name and photo credit then use the User button.

On the first line there is a link to register a new user name.

The form asks for your desired user name and your designated photo credit text. Fill those two boxes out and hit the Check and Register button.

It will first check to see if they are acceptable and free to use. If ok then it will say Success and give you a button marked Register. Use that now.

Once it has gone through then should tell you that it has been done. If you then use another button or refresh the browser then it will show you your user name in the top right part of the page.

Your user name will need to be approved by the admins and until they have then it will say that the user name is (unapproved). When an admin approves it then that bit in parenthises will disappear and you may upload images.

In order for your user name to work your browser needs to have cookies enabled. There is a help page about cookies.

Use the back button or Click Here to go back to the main help page.