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The images in the grid can be reduced using the search form. You can search for images uploaded by a certain user if you know their user name. Enter that in the box and click Search.

There is a check box if you want new images only. New images are those that have been recently uploaded and have yet to be approved by the admins. If you have recently uploaded an image then you can use this checkbox to show those images that you can then edit.

You can select images within certain dates. The dates in the image library are month and year only. If you enter a number in the month and year fields then that date will be used inclusively. I.e. if you put in year 2012 and month 6 for the minimum boxes then it will show images that have the date set on them that are from June 2012 onwards. If you omit the Month then it would be any image of 2012 onwards. If you omit the Year and leave the Month then it would be any image of any year but at least from June.

There are four Tag boxes. If you use the little arrow widget on the box then it pulls down to show all of the currently available tags. If you select one of them and hit Search then it will limit the images to those with that Tag in them. If you select several Tag boxes with words in them then it shows only the images with all of the tags selected. I.e. if you select "Nestbox" & "Kestrel" then it shoudl show only images of Kestrel nestboxes.

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