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Tags are words that can be attached to images.

They are used with search so that you can narrow down the number of images displayed to those that have the tags in them.

The site has a list of approved tags and you can look at the list with the Tags button.

When you upload an image you should set some tags for it from the list of approved tags. If you dont have any set or just one or two then it might make it difficult to find this image amongst the many in the library.

We want as few tags as possible and yet to have enough to cover all of the options that anyone might want to search for. So we only need to add more tags to the list of approved ones when there are many similar images in the library all having the same set of tags associated with them. In that case we need to make a new tag to split the set up.

If you think there are too many images being shown in the image browser for a given set of search tags used then apply for a new tag. New tags will be reviewed by the admin and approved on a case by case basis. If you apply for one that has been rejected in the past then it should tell you straight away that its been denied.

In order to apply for a new tag you need to be an approved user.

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