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You have not set a user name.

If you are an approved user then you may upload a new image.

You should read and understand the terms and conditions when uploading a new image.

You must be the rights owner of the image. I.e. you have taken it yourself and not copied it from the web or another source. And by uploading the image you grant the Trust the rights to use the image for any purpose which may include posting it to other social media websites, making leaflets or magazine articles about it even so far as to make and sell calendars or other material at publicity events.

If the image contains recognizable people in it then you must be sure that those people are ok with you uploading the image.

By using the Upload button it will present you with a "Browse" button and a check box for agreeing to the terms and condition. You need to tick the box and then browse for an image on your device or machine. Any image you select should be a JPG (or JPEG) or a PNG type. Digital cameras produce JPG (or JPEG) type images unless they are RAW and we cant accept any RAW ones. We also cant accept any movie files such as those with a MOV postfix. Once you have selected an image you are ready to upload it.

When you use the "Upload this image" button it will send it to the web site. If the image is quite large then this can take quite a while depending on its exact size and how fast your internet connection is. But you should give it a couple of minutes at most.

When done it should show a success page with a small thumbnail sized version of the image on it. The image has been uploded.

This library would like you to add a couple of words of description to the image, to check the date, and also to add a couple of tags for it. This fresh image is marked as a new one until the admins approve it. During this time you can edit the description, date and tags for it. There is a link on the success page to go straight to the image editing for this new image.

However, if you wish, you can come back to edit it later. On the images page you will see any new images first in the list even without any search parameters. But you can use the New checkbox and put in your user name to list only those images you may edit. If you click on any image in the grid that are yours and are new then you will see the usual image details page but there will be a link under the image to allow you to go to the image editing page for it.

The admins may add or remove some tags for it and may also alter the description but there is no option to edit the user for it. If admins discover that the user is wrong for the image then the only option is to remove it.

Images will stay in the New state until an admin approves it at which point it will become non editable. An admin may also choose to deny the image in which case it may not become listed in the image grid any more.

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