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You have not set a user name.

You can use the site and look at the images without a user name. If you want to upload a new image or request a new Tag then you need to set a user name.

When you upload images then they are associated with a user. The user name is shown on the web site but if the image is used in print then it should display the photo credit. So instead of setting the photo credit every time you upload an image you can do it once and the site will store it. You can then come back to the site and apply the same photo credit by using the same user name.

Your user name is the name seen on the web site. It can be whatever you want it to be using the characters A-Z, a-z, 0-9 and the . (dot) and _ (underscore). It can be a nickname, your first name, your full name or just something you can easily remember. If somebody else has registered the same user name before then the site will tell you.

Your photo credit should be your real name, or initials. For example, D.Attenborough or F.D.R. Your photo credit is not shown to ordinary web users. Its only visible to the admins and those people who have download capability such as magazine editors.

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