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This page is for requesting a new tag that doesnt exist in the list.

The site requires enough tags to be useful but not so many that it becomes a chore to apply all the necessary ones to each new uploaded image.

So all new tag requests are moderated and are put into a list to be approved by the admins.
If a tag has been denied in the past then it will give that result immediately.

Tags need to apply to singular or multiple items so better not to have plurals. I.e. better to have bird rather than birds. But some mass nouns cover one or more anyway.

In order to make new tag request, you need to have set a user name.
The user name needs to be on the approved list before you can make requests.

Please ensure your browser cookies are enabled and use the "User" button to register or set a user name.
The current set of approved tags are:
aerial,   amphibian,   bird,   buildings,   eagle,   education,   egg,   equipment,   facilities,   falcon,   fungus,   gate,   harrier,   hawk,   hide,   individuals,   insect,   invertibrate,   kestrel,   landscape,   livestock,   logo,   maintenance,   mammal,   map,   nestbox,   owl,   parking,   people,   peregrine,   plan,   plant,   publicity,   raptor,   reptile,   rhyne,   sign,   stjohns,   technical,   track,   water